Muslim Brotherhood Chicago Comptroller Hired by Rahm Emanuel Charged with Money Laundering

Daniel Greenfield
FrontPage Magazine

A Chicago comptroller involved in money laundering? Who would have ever believed it.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s administration on Monday produced a letter showing it knew about questions surrounding Amer Ahmad and a controversial government contract in Ohio before the mayor hired him as Chicago’s comptroller in April 2011.

The letter was released as the administration attempted to show how it vetted Ahmad, who pleaded not guilty Monday in federal court to a kickback scheme stemming from his tenure as Ohio’s deputy treasurer. Ahmad, 38, abruptly resigned from his City Hall job nearly a month ago. The administration has said Emanuel didn’t know about Ahmad’s federal problems until the former aide was indicted last week…

…When Amer Ahmad abruptly resigned as city comptroller about three weeks ago, Mayor Rahm Emanuel heaped praise on his hand-picked aide for helping him “reform government” in Chicago…


The complete article is at FrontPage Magazine.



Update: CHICAGO: Sparks fly at Muslim-led forum promoting Sharia after Americans demand that the Pledge of Allegiance be recited 

What Orland Park library had promoted as an educational forum this week on Muslim life in America quickly turned into a contentious debate about Islam. The tone for this event was set while the 3 Muslim panelists were introducing themselves. In the first of many interruptions, several audience members stood up and demanded that everyone recite the Pledge of Allegiance…



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