Muslim Cleric Praised by Ground Zero Mosque Imam During His Ramadan Lecture: Islam Permits Killing Israeli Women and Children

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Egyptian cleric Yusuf al-Qardawi was praised by Imam Rauf as “a very well known Islamic jurist, highly regarded all over the Muslim world” while using him as proof that Islam does not condone terrorism, which is ironic considering he just cleared Muslims to kill innocent Israeli women and children…

(MEMRI) During Ramadan, the printed and electronic Arab media, including the jihadist websites, published numerous articles on jihad, with a special focus on the link between jihad and Ramadan.

The main motifs of these articles were:

· The month of Ramadan is the month of attacks, conquest, and victories, with an emphasis on the fact that many of the early Muslims’ victories over their enemies, such as at the battles of Badr, Hittin, and ‘Ain Jalut, came during Ramadan.

· The importance of the commandment of jihad, particularly during Ramadan. Jihad is defined as one of the most important commandments of Islam, and its intersection with Ramadan, which is “the best month in Allah’s eyes,” is “a tremendous high point that none can attain but he to whom Allah has chosen to grant this tremendous honor of fasting and war.” Likewise, it is claimed that the commandment of jihad, which is said to be twice as important as ordinary commandments, is intensified during Ramadan, and takes first priority. One article included a point-by-point comparison of a Muslim who fasts during Ramadan and a mujahid, saying, inter alia, that “fasting is one of the means of educating the soul towards jihad.” Another article stated: “Real jihad is connected to real fasting; therefore, let us educate our children to pass the test of fasting so that they will succeed in liberating the [places] holy to us.”

· A statement by Sheikh Yousuf Al-Qaradhawi that “jihad is an Islamic moral obligation.”

· A call to Muslims to step up their jihad activity during Ramadan, as the Prophet Muhammad did: “Oh mujahideen… show us something that will gladden us and stoke the ire of the infidels, something that will please our mothers and sisters and brothers who have lost what is most precious to them [i.e. their loved ones].” One of the articles included a call to the mujahideen to purge Saudi Arabia of the Crusader infidels who violate the country’s sanctity with their presence. Another article included a call to the mujahideen to join forces and find new ways of striking at the enemy. Hamas’ ‘Izz Al-Din Al-Qassam Brigades boasted that in the early years of this decade, they had been the leaders in attacks on Israelis during Ramadan.

This paper will review the main points made by these articles and statements.

Sheikh Al-Qaradhawi: Jihad Is a Moral Islamic Obligation; The Ban on Killing the Elderly, Women, and Children Doesn’t Apply to Israeli Society

The Arab news website reported that on the “Fiqh Al-Hayyat” (“Islamic Law in Daily Life”) program on Iqraa TV, Sheikh Yousuf Al-Qaradhawi, head of the International Union of Muslim Scholars (IUMS), called jihad a moral Islamic obligation that can be carried out only when certain conditions are upheld – the most important of which are monotheism, repelling oppression and polytheism, and defending honor, truth and all that is sacred.

Al-Qaradhawi said that while the Prophet did ban killing the elderly, women, and children in wartime, this ban does not apply to Israeli society – which he called “different from other societies, because it is a society that occupies and attacks… [and] recognizes nothing but the oppression of the rights of others.” Therefore, he said, Israeli women may be killed because they are soldiers “in the army of the occupation” and participate in the war against Islam.”

Saudi Sheikh: Jihad against the Infidels Is an Eternal and Most Important Commandment…

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