MUST LISTEN: Mark Levin interviews Jeff Sessions on ObamaTrade deal

The Right Scoop

Jeff Sessions explains to Mark Levin how bad this this ObamaTrade bill is, that it even creates an international community that is in many ways similar to how the European Union began, putting us in partnership with 12 countries and giving them the power to make laws or rules that put us in a bind, essentially ceding our sovereignty to them. It is really bad.

And as we already know, Obama will use it to push his climate change agenda as well.



Listen to the interview at The Right Scoop.


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CAJ note: Senator Sessions thinks a vote will be taken Friday. He urges you to contact your members of the House today.

Update: Eric Odom: BREAKING: Obama and GOP Allies About to Initiate a Global Healthcare Apocalypse via Obamatrade! (And a Global Takeover of EVERYTHING)

What you’re about to read may very well prove Obamacare was nothing compared to what will soon happen if Obamatrade passes. In fact, based on what I’m finding Obamacare isn’t the beast we thought it was — it was just one of its toes. And the results of Obamatrade could very well collapse the entire healthcare system for the West, forcing it all into a new world order style system dictated and controlled by a global government entity…

Follow the money…


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