NAACP Imposter Sued School Over Race Claims

Rachel Dolezal alleged she was victim of white discrimination

The Smoking Gun

The NAACP official who today resigned in the face of evidence that she masqueraded as black once sued Howard University for denying her teaching posts and a scholarship because she was a white woman, The Smoking Gun has learned.

Rachel Dolezal, 37, who headed the NAACP’s Spokane, Washington chapter, sued Howard for discrimination in 2002, the year she graduated from the historically black college with a Master of Fine Arts degree.

Dolezal, then known as Rachel Moore, named the university and Professor Alfred Smith as defendants in a lawsuit filed in Washington, D.C.’s Superior Court. During the pendency of the civil case, Smith was chairman of Howard’s Department of Art.

According to a Court of Appeals opinion, Dolezal’s lawsuit “claimed discrimination based on race, pregnancy, family responsibilities and gender.”…



The article continues at The Smoking Gun.


h/t PJ Media where there is more.


Update: Mom of ousted NAACP leader zings her daughter on CNN (video)

…”I noticed in her letter of resignation, there was no actual addressing of the issue of being dishonest about her ethnicity, nor was there any apology,” Ruthanne said. “I pray that she will take the steps necessary to embrace her true personal identity, and not feel compelled any longer to be false or malicious towards her family.”…



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