National Guardsmen Retrieve American Flag Burned During Ferguson Protests

Stephen Gutowski
The Washington Free Beacon

A group of National Guardsmen waded into the crowd of protesters in Ferguson, Mo., in order to collect the signed remains of an American flag some protesters had set ablaze. A video, uploaded to YouTube on Sunday, features a protester questioning the soldiers as they retrieved the flag, The Blaze reported.

”Just so you know, the Guardsmen have come over to look for pieces of the American flag that got burned.”

“Why is that?” the man asked.

“Because it’s an American flag,” the officer said.

The man filming the troops told the troops he didn’t understand why they cared so much about the flag.

The man, seeming dumbfounded by what the Guardsmen were doing, said as they passed him, “It’s a piece of cloth.”

“But it means something to us,” one of the troops replied.


The video at is The Washington Free Beacon.

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