NBC: Obama 'Warned All Along' Airstrikes Won't 'Degrade and Destroy' ISIS

Breitbart TV
13 Oct 2014

Monday on MSNBC’s “Jose Diaz-Balart Live,” Pentagon correspondent Jim Miklaszewski said President Barack Obama had been repeatedly warned by chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey that U.S. airstrikes alone will not even degrade ISIS.

Miklaszewsk said, “U.S. military officials including the Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff General Martin Dempsey warned all along that air strikes alone will not defeat or even degrade ISIS to the point where anybody can claim any kind of significant progress or victory. It will ultimately take troops on the ground.”

“There have been some 51 air strikes conducted against ISIS targets around Kobani on the Turkish border over the last week,” he continued. “Even there the problem is, again, with no boots on the ground so many ISIS fighters are inside the city. It’s impossible to strike them from the air. Number one, it’s difficult to find them. two, they may be mingled among some innocent civilians, not only the Kurdish fighters but among civilian population.”



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It is time the international community answered a question it does not want to hear: for how many more years will it allow one of the world’s largest and most persecuted ethnic groups to live without a state of its own?



Report: Little sympathy in Istanbul for Kurds amid IS group aggression  (video)

On the streets of Istanbul Saturday, there was little sympathy for the few pro-Kurd protesters who turned out to demonstrate against Ankara’s reluctance to help the besieged Kurdish-Syrian city of Kobane…


Woman leads Kurds in battle against Islamic State in Kobane: activists

Beirut: A Kurdish woman fighter is leading the battle against Islamic State jihadists in the Syrian battleground town of Kobane, a monitoring group and activists say.

“Mayssa Abdo, known by the nom de guerre of Narin Afrin, is commanding the YPG in Kobane along with Mahmud Barkhodan,” Syrian Observatory for Human Rights head Rami Abdel Rahman said.

The secular and left-leaning Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) group has been defending Kobane, on the border with Turkey, since Islamic State fighters launched an assault on September 16…



Update: Susan Rice Is Misleading American Public Once Again

Leadership: Obama surrogate Susan Rice is again on TV, this time falsely claiming that the military never recommended ground troops against the Islamic State. Do Americans really swallow misinformation this easily?

Less than a month ago, we and others pointed out the disturbing rift between a commander in chief who places politics before security and the commanders to whom he won’t listen…



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