NC GOP Candidate Renee Ellmers Speaks Out On Her Opponent’s Physical Assault on a Student

Jim Hoft

North Carolina Republican Congressional candidate Renee Ellmers, a nurse and mother, spoke out on her opponent’s physical assault on a student that was recently caught on tape. Democrat Bob Etheridge choked a student after he was asked if he supported the Obama agenda. The episode was posted on YouTube. Renee Elders says, “That was an eye opener. It was a side of Bob Etheridge we’ve never seen.” No kidding.

Renee also spoke about her opponents pro-Obama voting record and Pelosi’s gavel, “She showed us who she really is.”

This was a great interview by a terrific Republican candidate.

Renee Ellmers is locked in a very tight race with the Democratic brawler.
Please support her campaign — here.

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