NEA Exposed: Leadership & Staff

Back in November we told you that titles by Saul Alinsky are on the NEA’s Recommended Reading list. Now we’ve discovered that pushing the Progressive agenda in America’s public education is a lucrative business, at least for some of the union’s members. H/T RI Statewide Coalition.
Teachers may be seeing stagnant salaries, but apparently union solidarity doesn’t extend to union staff.

We have compiled compensation information for the NEA’s leadership, as well as a chart of its $100,000+ employees.

As a disclaimer, it is the opinion of the editors of this website that the union is free to pay its staff as much or as little as it wishes. This information is provided as a service to the hard-working, dues-paying members. (This is 2008 compensation levels)

Reg Weaver
(*Weaver is no longer president of the NEA. Van Roekel has succeeded him.)

Dennis Van Roekel
Vice President*

Lily Eskelson

John Wilson
Executive Director

John Stocks
Deputy Executive Director

The NEA has over 375 employees that make over $100,000…

That list and more is at

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