Nevada Democrat Base Voters Launch Anti-Reid Commercial

“The more the members get educated, the calmer they get and the more they use their head. The people who have just gotten into organized labor…it’s those people who will do whatever they can to get theirs. There’s really no brotherhood in the union anymore, it’s every man for himself.”

Big Government

From the Washington Times:

Things in Nevada are getting hotter. Not content with the direction the country and their home state is going in, a group of Nevada voters calling themselves “Concerned Nevadans That Care About Our Country” will launch an anti-Harry Reid ad this evening.

Members of this group represent those from traditional Democratic coalitions and base demographics, like: African-Americans, Latinos, and union members.

In the ad, these individuals urge Democratic Nevada voters to break away from their practice of supporting liberals like Harry Reid.

In fact, the ad goes one step further and looks to draw in union members who are disgruntled with union leadership’s pro-amnesty policies…

Read the rest at There you will find off-camera remarks made by some of the union members in this video during an interview with the Washington Times reporter, Kerry Picket.

H/T RedState

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