New EPA chief: ‘Stop talking about environmental regulations killing jobs’

Joel Gehrke
The Washington Examiner

Environmental Protection Agency administrator Gina McCarthy said people should “stop talking about environmental regulations killing jobs,” even as Democratic lawmakers throughout the country have mounted an offensive against EPA rules.

“Can we stop talking about environmental regulations killing jobs, please?” McCarthy said at Harvard Law School Tuesday while defending her agency’s air regulations, according to the Washington Post. “We need to embrace cutting-edge technology as a way to spark business innovation.”

McCarthy should try silencing Democrats before she takes that message to the rest of the country. “[W]e cannot allow President Obama, the EPA or anyone else [to] demonize the one source of energy that produces more of this country’s electricity than any other single source,” Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., said last week when his state sent a 17-person delegation to Washington D.C. in opposition to the EPA’s policies regarding the coal industry.

Democratic members of Pennsylvania’s state government also criticized EPA policy last week, apropos of FirstEnergy’s decision to close two coal-fired power plants.

…EPA officials understand that their desired regulatory policies will destroy coal communities…


The complete article is at The Washington Examiner.


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Congressman Bill Shuster introduced H.R. 2916, the Domestic Energy Production Protection Act. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has repeatedly circumvented Congress and established regulations that are putting our domestic energy industry and hard working Americans out of work. The legislation requires Congressional approval of EPA rules with an impact on domestic energy production…



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