Newest House Net Neutrality Bill Cuts FCC Out of Internet Authority

Warner Todd Huston
Emerging Corruption

It looks like House Energy and Commerce Chairman Henry Waxman, (D-Calif) is so desperate to get a Net Neutrality bill out of the House before the recess that he was willing to strip the FCC authority from it this week. For months he Federal Communications Commission has been angling to take power over the Internet and left-wing Net Neutrality supporters were keen to let them but with the clock running down Chairman Waxman took a different path.

Tech Dose Daily reports that the bill would prohibit the FCC from reclassifying broadband under title II of the Communications Act. But there is a two-year sunset clause that would open up the FCC to reapply for this undue power at a later date.

Waxman apparently hopes to get this version of the bill passed out of committee so that the House can pass the bill before the recess. He hopes then that the Senate can tackle its part of the bill during the upcoming lame duck session.

Some are stunned that Waxman would shop such a bill.

No FCC rulemaking authority on the bill “is a huge victory for the carriers,” the source said. “I’m stunned the Waxman team is going along with it…If I had to measure this, it’s probably slightly worse than the Verizon-Google deal.”

But it must be remembered that nothing is ever set in stone until the very last vote is cast “yea” or “nay.” Despite that Waxman has removed language giving the FCC authority over the Internet like the far left had hoped, such language can be put back in at any time. [Emphasis CAJ]…

If you would like to urge Congress to keep the FCC’s hands off the Internet, here is a list of those you might contact…

Please go to Emerging Corruption to read the list and then take action! With Congressmen Waxman and Weiner on the Subcommittee on Communications, Technology, and the Internet you can be sure this bill will end up curtailing your liberties.

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