Nigel Farage on Fox Business: The English Tea Partier


Nigel Farage, the British MEP and leader of the UK Independence Party was on America’s Nightly Scoreboard to give the layman’s version of the hectic nature of the European Union.

The Euro project is not only a bust, but it has busted member nations economically. Greece and Ireland are under and have lost their democracies since they accepted the EU bailout. Their votes no longer matter.

Farage tells anchorman David Asman, his battles in the European Parliament is similar to those of the tea party who have been overtaxed, and over-regulated by their government. The difference is, Europe is in a much heightened and worse situation than here in America.

Farage said global governance is not a fantasy notion. It is actually a proposal promoted by European President Herman Von Rompuy and the socialist ideal of those in the leadership.

His advice to those of us against those bureaucrats who are proponents for global governance: tell them to “go to hell.” This is why I am such a fan of Nigel Farage.

Please watch the interview at cubachi!!

Update: Good news–Latinos set to form ‘tequila party’ modeled on tea party

Update 2: At, Europe steeps its TEA

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