Nightmare in Connecticut

CAJ note: For many years I lived in Connecticut and met some of the best people in a lifetime there. Wordboss, too, lived there when he first came to America. This article made both of us sick in our hearts…Connecticut friends: what the heck are you thinking?! Wake up, People!

When Government Liberals Are Set Free

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If you watch the national media, very little is being said about the fringe-lib experiment growing like a little tumor just above America’s armpit. I don’t think they want to hype it, for some reason.

They won so little in 2010, you’d think they’d be proud! Go figure.

Repub-Lite governors have kept the worst instincts of lefty-lib policy in check for over twenty years here (keep that in mind when you say you’d rather have a commie than a RINO), but Democrat Dannel Malloy won the last election to become governor of the pretty little State of Connecticut, with an ironclad Dem legislative majority.

…speaking of pretty, do you feel pretty? Huh, punk?

Because if you’re a man, but you feel like a woman, you can now put on your swishiest taffeta metermaid outfit and stroll into a CT public ladies’ room without fear of “discrimination.”

Rep. Christopher Coutu, R-Norwich, said he worries that male pedophiles will become emboldened by the legislation and try to gain access to women’s restrooms. He said the legislation could prove disastrous.

And the Democrats yawned at this objection. Because it is a vital function of the state legislature to make sure that emotionally damaged people never feel weird (as if that’s possible).
If as a result, your little daughter ends up with some dude looking at her over the top of the bathroom stall, well, that’s the sacrifice that truly compassionate societies must occasionally make.

Some legislators said the bill created a potential hardship for business owners, especially those with public restrooms.

The very idea of creating hardship for business owners keeps Democrats up all night. But in the morning they wipe their tears of hysterical laughter away, and soldier on:

Connecticut has become the first state to require that small businesses provide paid sick time to their employees...

The article continues, with video, at Ace of Spades HQ.

Update:  At Maggie’s Farm “The Barrister” is a Connecticut resident and has some additional thoughts about the state of their state.

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