NJ Teachers Union Gone Wild

NJEA Union Teachers Call Black Kids N******, Say They Want to F*** With Kids (Video)

Jim Hoft

Woah. Undercover video reveals New Jersey union teachers calling black kids n****** and plotting against popular Governor Chris Christie.

Via James O’Keefe and Veritas Visuals:

This continues at GatewayPundit.

Update: At Big Government, ‘Go Watch This Video. It’s Enlightening, It’s Enraging.’: Gov Christie Raves Over O’Keefe ‘Teachers Gone Wild’

This is what I’ve been talking about.  This is another exhibit as to what I’ve been talking about.  The arrogance, the greed, the self-interest, the lack of introspection, the lack of standards.

And it hurts the great teachers just as much as it hurts the kids.

I think that this video makes the distinction better than I ever could.  This is their leadership conference where they’re in a hotel, having this leadership conference, singing songs together about kicking the governor in his tool box.  I wonder what they mean by that?  But I can tell you I sense it would hurt…

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