No ‘rich men’ fought Revolutionary War

Piven declares ‘love of my life’ Occupy ‘belongs’ beside War of Independence in history

Benny Johnson
The Blaze

On May 12th Professor Frances Fox Piven gave an impassioned speech entitled “The Crisis and the Left” on behalf of the Socialist Register, a leading International leftist publication. In the talk, she seized upon the “new love of her life,” the Occupy Wall Street movement, and launched into an elaborate description of how OWS deserves a prominent place in American History, on level with the Revolutionary War of 1776.

 ”What I really want to talk about is, what is my, the love of my life now: Occupy.  I want to try to explain why Occupy is becoming one of those great, national movements that has changed American history–  But amazingly, very, very few people can locate Occupy in American history, and that’s what I want to try to do…

The video of Professor Fox Piven’s version of American history, as seen through the ethos of class warfare, is at The Blaze.

Related:  Eva Longoria, not surprisingly, has her own vision of the history of Latinos in America. Watch Glenn Beck’s corrective video, We never occupied Mexico

And because Americans under the age of 40 generally do not know our history, they are easily led by people like Piven, Maher, and Longoria.

Update:  Did you know that nationally the Occupy Wall Street Protests Cost Taxpayers $30,000,000 So Far! Thirty million dollars and counting…Read the list of cities at the link.

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