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Maryland Governor And Wannabe 2016 Presidential Candidate Martin O’Malley: Compassion Demands We Let the Surge Children Stay in America, But Not in Maryland. In Other States. States with GOP Governors.

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…From POLITICO. Notice, it’s not that he doesn’t want to scoop up all these darling ragamuffins; it’s that he fears Angry Conservatives in Maryland will “harass” the children.

 Martin O’Malley says that deporting the children detained at the border would be sending them to “certain death” — but he also urged the White House not to send them to a facility in his own state…

…They’ll get worse than that in Maryland, and he’s too weak a governor to keep the peace.


Read the whole thing at Ace of Spades HQ.

CAJ note: Wait! What about that whole CASA de Maryland thing?


Related: Connecticut rejects request to house illegal children

Connecticut officials have rejected a federal request to temporarily house up to 2,000 immigrant children from Central America at a mostly-vacant facility built for developmentally disabled adults…


Hundreds of Cities Fight Back Against ‘Invasion’

A massive protest scheduled for July 18 and 19 across the United States is aimed at stopping the influx of Central American children flooding across the border, and more than a dozen smaller community protests already have played roles in stopping the children from being brought there…

…The protests will take place in state capitals, Mexican consulates, on highway overpasses and intersections, and at illegal immigrant drop-off points and detention centers. Look here for a state by state listing of protest locations…



The Odd Book One Texas Rancher Found Near the Border (video)

…“We’ve been dealing with this problem for years in our own backyard but nobody would do anything about it,” Vickers’ wife, Linda, told TheBlaze. “But now that they’re shipping illegal aliens all over the country, people seem to care. I always said it would be a matter of time before our problem becomes the nation’s problem.”

Linda Vickers said authorities have apprehended people from Somalia and China on their property. Other times, people will walk right up to the front porch looking for food…



Sadly, and inevitably, Report: SMALL LIFELESS, DEAD CHILDREN Found “Washed Up Along Riverbank” of Rio Grande

“The life jackets helped many make it across the Rio Grande from Reynosa, the Mexican city across the water from Mission, just west of McAllen. Sources say they come over on rafts ferried by the so-called “coyotes,” the human smugglers whose means of transport are rendered useless whenever discovered by the Border Patrol. Many don’t make it across the river; multiple sources became emotional when recounting their discoveries of small, lifeless bodies washed up along the riverbank.

…More needs to be known about the price children are paying for the Obama administration’s lawless immigration policies…



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