NPR Edits Word 'Tax' Out of NH Democrat Debate Performance

Warner Todd Huston
Big Journalism
16 Oct 2012

Voters do not like taxes. So, National Public Radio in New Hampshire helped Maggie Hassan, the Democrat candidate for Governor, by doing a little editing work to take the word “tax” out of one of her answers at a recent candidates debate. The radio folks claimed it was a “mistake,” but eliminating the word sure does tend to soften the blow of her policy ideas.

The September 19 debate featured Republican candidate Ovide Lamontagne and Democrat candidate Maggie Hassan both vying to take the seat being vacated by sitting Governor John Lynch. The edited remark concerns Hassan’s answer to a question about a state program called the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI), another left-wing cap and trade-style boondoggle.

In the actual debate, Lamontagne and Hassan were asked if they would keep the RGGI program. Unsurprisingly, the Republican said no, he’d put an end to it. Just as unsurprisingly, Hassan, the Democrat, said she’d keep it. (My bold for emphasis)

I was proud to be a sponsor of that tax, eh, the energy efficiency program because it has saved businesses millions and millions of dollars and created over 400 jobs.

Now this is exactly how Hassan answers in the video of the debate that Hew Hampshire NPR posted.

NH NPR, however, decided to replay the audio of the debate several more times after the September 19 event. In so doing, the taxpayer-supported radio folks did some selective editing to the program in order to get it down to more air-able timing.

One of those edits materially altered the section I quoted above…

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