NPR set Juan Williams on fire


And it’s all on Fox News…

…”So it seems some opinions are more equal than others at NPR.”

Update: Althouse comments, “And if you don’t toe the party line, NPR CEO Vivian Schiller  will disclose your private medical history to a national audience. Out of malice.”

Update 2: From The Wall Street Journal, NPR’s Taxpayer-Funded Intolerance

…He didn’t say that they should be removed from the plane, treated differently, or anything close to that. He simply said he got nervous. And for that, he was fired.

The reality is that when Muslims cease to be the main perpetrators of terrorism in the world, such fears about traditional garb are bound to vanish. Until such time, the anxiety will remain. In the long run, it’s what we do with such fears that matters, not that we have them.

But regarding what happened to Mr. Williams, no one should tolerate such intolerant behavior on the part of NPR. This broadcast network is paid for by the American taxpayers, and as such we all have a stake in its decisions.

Anyone who cares about freedom of speech should protest what has been done to this decent and fair man. And even if that were not the case, even if Mr. Williams’ views made him a detestable ogre to most, he still has the right to voice them. For many Americans, NPR’s consistent tilt to the left has caused them to reject it as a viable source of news.

NPR often embodies the very things it claims to stand against: unfairness, narrow-mindedness and reactionary policies…

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