NRA warns of Obama-fueled ‘end-run around Congress’ on gun rights

Cheryl K. Chumley
The Washington Times

The National Rifle Association issued a stark warning that a U.N. Arms Trade treaty set to take effect on Christmas Eve could lead to a U.S. crackdown on Second Amendment rights — not via a Senate ratification, but rather an “end-run around Congress,” a spokesperson said.

“We are worried about an end-run around Congress,” NRA spokeswoman Catherine Mortensen told The Blaze. “Barack Obama or a future anti-gun president could use ATT and international norms compliance to rationalize enacting gun control politics through executive actions, especially in the import and export realms.”

The U.S. delegation to the United Nations supports the treaty, but the Senate, soon to be controlled by Republicans, is less than likely to ratify. But the current White House is publicly touting support for the treaty, and the NRA fears that support could eventually weave into the halls of Congress — or result in yet another one of President Obama’s executive orders…



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Related: Vanderboegh behind enemy lines to promote gun rights

…Vanderboegh had called national attention to the Connecticut attack on the Second Amendment by sending inoperable gun magazines to key political leaders in the state. This was done not only to place political leaders on notice that pushback was on the way but to call attention to the 300,000 citizens in Connecticut who own guns, 85 percent of whom have stated they have no intention of complying with the new state laws.

The press release states that Vanderboegh will be in Connecticut today and Saturday for a “Behind Enemy Lines” tour that is designed to encourage gun owners and to highlight the Constitutional rights of citizens in a state that poses one of the most dangerous threats to those rights in the entire nation. Vanderboegh spent most of the day Friday at Panera and Staples Plaza for special meet and greet gatherings.

In addition to Panera and Staples, Vanderboegh will be appearing at Ye Connecticut Gun Guild’s fall gun show in Middletown…

…According to the terms of the new law, on Jan. 1, 2014 gun owners in Connecticut were automatically considered criminals unless they turn in magazines that hold more than the new legal limits on bullets and the types of firearms the citizens are “allowed” to own…



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