Nurse Files Complaint: I Witnessed Justina’s Unlawful Imprisonment

Raquel Okyay
Human Events

A Boston psychiatric nurse with care responsiblities of Justina Pelletier filed a mandated reporter complaint against Boston Children’s Hospital alleging unlawful imprisonment of Connecticut teen in custody by state authorities for 14 months.

When clinicians at Boston Children’s Hospital diagnosed Justina Pelletier with Somatic Symptoms disorder, a psychological condition, in February 2013 and at the hospital’s initiative, Justina was placed against her will in a locked psychiatric unit, said Kathleen T. Higgins, R.N. in her written complaint to Department of Children & Families Commissioner Olga Roche.

In a letter dated Jan. 8 she wrote: “Since April 23, 2013, I have been engaged with Linda, Lou and Jennifer Pelletier, the parents and eldest sister of Justina Pelletier, to facilitate Justina’s discharge from Bader 5, inpatient psychiatric unit of Boston Children’s Hospital, where she has been unjustly and illegally imprisoned for the past nine months.”…

…“I am against government control of children unless they are in criminal danger,” said Dr. Monty Weinstein, founder and board chair of Georgia-based National Parents’ Rights Association.  “Because if they are allowed this type of thinking now, the next time the government will tell you where to go to church, what to do and how to do it.”

Weinstein said the government is taking children away from parents without an imminent harm threshold as required by law because the financial incentives to remove children from any parent are too great.

“Government agencies get a great deal of federal money for placing children into foster care,” said the director of Family Therapy Center for New York & Georgia, Inc. “They manipulate parental rights by using the courts.”///



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