NY Dem Koch slams Obama for ‘outrageous’ treatment of Israel

Trouble in the Holy Land

Dem slams prez for ‘outrageous’ treatment of Israel
Former New York City mayor: ‘I’m almost off Obama train’


Former New York Mayor Ed Koch, a Democrat who campaigned for President Obama in 2008, slammed the U.S. leader’s recent treatment of Israel as “outrageous” and “hostile,” declaring he is “close” to “getting off the Obama train.”

Koch’s sentiments are significant. The former politician has long been an indicator of American Jewish sentiment regarding U.S. presidents and Israel. His statements may serve as a signal that some American Jews are moving away from the Obama administration.

Koch was speaking in a radio interview with WND senior reporter Aaron Klein, who hosts an investigative program on New York’s WABC 770 AM…

…”I think it’s outrageous what he has done,” stated Koch, referring to Obama, who Koch said has called for Jews not to “build apartments anywhere they want to and can afford to in their own land in Jerusalem.”

Read the entire article at WorldNetDaily.

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