NZ Earthquake memorial date named

Damaged shops in Manchester St. Photo/Getty Images. Click on image for full size.

Derek Cheng
New Zealand Herald

The date for a National Memorial Service to honor victims of the Christchurch earthquake will be March 18.

The service, which will be held in North Hagley Park, is being organised by the Christchurch City Council and the Visits and Ceremonial Office with wide consultation from the community and families.

A Christchurch Cathedral bell. Photo/Getty Images. Click on image for full size

“The service will give people the chance to reflect on the terrible loss of life suffered as a result of the earthquake, and the huge impact it has had on our second largest city.

“This is an opportunity for Christchurch to mourn together. It will also be a chance to celebrate the lives of those who have been lost.”

The service will begin at 12.45 pm and two minutes’ silence will be observed at 12.51 pm…

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