Obama’s Promise to Make Illegal College Students’ Dreams Come True turns into a Nightmare

Lisa Richards
NewsReal Blog
2010 August 14

Illegal aliens attending American universities are furious with Barry Obama. He did not make their dreams come true: automatic citizenship and jobs he promised they would receive through the DREAM Act during his campaign for the presidency.

Two years-ago, Obama exited college crowds with promises of “hope” and “change.” Obama assured illegal students the DREAM Act would fully support them, guaranteeing jobs and amnesty once they graduated from American colleges. These students, once captivated with Obama, hanging on his every word, never questioning his Teleprompter, are now speaking out against Obama, whom they say betrayed their “hope” and crushed their dreams.

Illegal aliens worked hard to unlawfully obtain educations for nothing!

Maybe well-educated American students should have asked Obama exactly what kind of change he intended instead of slobbering all over themselves in order to be the first generation to vote for a black-skinned president.

Perhaps the legal college students should have questioned Obama’s promises: were they political ploys to gain illegal Hispanic votes?

Obama promised college students, specifically illegal aliens attending American universities, they would be handed jobs and citizenship on silver platters. That has proven false. Obama’s pseudo-guarantee to “undocumented” students never came to fruition and illegals are reading the true writing on the walls of academia and they are angry they broke the law for nothing!

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