Obama Admin Lurches Further Left, Renews Call for ‘Card Check’

Labor Secretary Hilda Solis proves administration is ignoring citizens in favor of special interests

Americans for Prosperity
January 22, 2010

WASHINGTON—The free-market grassroots group Americans for Prosperity (AFP) today reacted to a statement by Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis that the Obama administration continues to support card check legislation. AFP President Tim Phillips released the following statement:

“Secretary Solis’s insistence today that Congress still needs to pass card check legislation is an embarrassment. The administration has clearly not gotten the message the American people have been sending over the past year. Americans are fed up with Washington’s inside baseball, especially favors for the special interests that put them in office…

“…Card check is just another bad policy that a tone deaf administration is trying to foist on the country to appease its political allies. It’s long past time for the Obama administration to give up on its outrageous attempt to force Americans to join unions that don’t represent their interests.”

The entire statement is at AFP.

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