Obama administration takes first step in probe on who leaked info about phone, email tracking

Fox News

The Obama administration has taken a first step toward opening a criminal investigation into the purported leaking of classified documents related to the federal government tracking Americans’ phone calls and emails, a source familiar with the high-level discussions told Fox News on Saturday.

The source said a “criminal report has been filed,” which begins the process.

The FBI and Justice Department would likely be involved in such a probe, which is expected to focus on British and U.S. newspapers including The Guardian. The British newspaper reported late Wednesday that the U.S. government had collected the phone records of millions of Verizon customers…

…On Thursday, the Guardian and The Washington Post published information about a top-secret NSA program called PRISM, which involved collecting email information from such Internet companies as Apple, Facebook and Google…

The complete article is at FoxNews.com


UpdateClapper slaps media’s ‘rush to publish’ details of government surveillance programs

Ratcheting up the Obama administration’s feud with journalists, Director of National IntelligenceJames Clapper criticized the news media Saturday for a “rush to publish” information based on “reckless” leaks about government surveillance programs.

In a rare move, Mr. Clapper distributed to the media information about the recently disclosed surveillance operation known as PRISM, saying he had declassified some details to dispel “myths” in news reports about the government program to monitor citizens’ Internet activities…


Update 2“You Should Use Both” – How America’s Internet Companies Are Handing Over Your Data To Uncle Sam  They’re all lying to you.



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