Obama and Holder friend predicts next AG nominee will be a woman

Thomas Lifson
American Thinker

Charles Ogletree, a leftist black professor at Harvard Law School who taught and is said to have mentored both Eric Holder and the future Mr. And Mrs. Obama, is publicly predicting that the president’s nominee to succeed Eric Holder will be a woman. This makes sense, in no small part to deflect any criticism as part of the GOP’s purported war on women. As Hillary Clinton has demonstrated, playing the role of benighted victim has a political payoff for Democrats…

…Buzzfeed mentions as one possibility California’s AG Kamala Harris, who is a twofer, being of African-American and Asian-American heritage in addition to being female. One other possibility mentioned is Jenny Durkan, the US Attorney in Seattle, who may also be a twofer as a lesbian (I am not familiar with her status, but Buzzfeed tells us the “LGBT advocacy community” is urging her selection.)

Glenn Reynolds wittily suggests another possibility…



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