Obama and the art of political compromise: I ‘shouldn’t have to offer anything’ to GOP

Meghashyam Mali
The Washington Examiner

President Obama on Monday said that he “shouldn’t have to offer anything” to House Republicans in exchange for a funding bill to avert a shutdown.

“They’re not doing me a favor by paying for things that they have already approved for the government to do. That’s part of their basic function of government; that’s not doing me a favor,” said Obama in an interview with NPR, hours before a midnight deadline for a government funding bill…

…The president stressed to NPR said he would not negotiate over his healthcare reform bill.

“We’re not going to delay the Affordable Care Act,” the president said.


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The White House may be quietly hoping that a federal government shutdown slams the political prospects of the Republican Party like it did during the last crisis in 1995, but something else happened at the start of that shutdown that nearly destroyed the presidency: the sordid Oval Office sex affair between Monica Lewinsky and Bill Clinton began.

As that shutdown began November 14th after Clinton and Republican House Speaker Newt Gingrich stopped negotiating, the White House was forced to slash its staff of 430 to a skeleton crew of 90, with unpaid interns helping out too….

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