Obama calls Marco Rubio ‘boy’: ‘Tell your boy to watch it. He might get his ass kicked.’


He said that to a woman he knew was “close to” Rubio after she said “maybe” to his question “Is your boy going to go for [vice president]?”

That’s one story in Politico’s new e-book “Obama’s Last Stand.

There’s other interesting stuff at the first link, including Obama’s disrespect for Romney — who stands for “nothing” — and his fear that Romney will get to “take credit when the economy turns around.” There’s also a lot of fairly generic material about the troubles in the Obama campaign. Axelrod got mad at Stephanie Cutter. An internal polls showed people don’t like hearing from Debbie Wasserman Schultz. That sort of thing.

CAJ note: In the comments section at Althouse a reader reminds us of Obama’s cruelty to Senator McCain who is, arguably, one of our least favorite politicians but who is a decorated war veteran:

Matthew Sablan said…
Please. Obama was equally rude, dismissive and all-around mean to an actual war hero. It was just the convenient excuse to be nasty to Romney.
8/20/12 9:50 AM
Matthew Sablan said…
Hell, Obama went out of his way to make fun of McCain’s inability to type due to wounds he received being tortured for his country. Being a war hero is no defense from campaign nastiness.
8/20/12 9:54 AM

Balfegor posted this as part of his response to Matthew Sablan:

…Yes, here’s him back in 2008 sliming McCain as un-American (at ~1:33).


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