Obama Campaign Attacks Koch Brothers, Blames Them For Gas Prices

Ben Shapiro
Big Government

In an unprecedented attack on two private citizens, the Barack Obama campaign has issued an email from Jim Messina, the campaign manager, specifically targeting the Koch brothers.

Here’s the text:

In just about 24 hours, Mitt Romney is headed to a hotel ballroom to give a speech sponsored by Americans for Prosperity, a front group founded and funded by the Koch brothers.

Those are the same Koch brothers whose business model is to make millions by jacking up prices at the pump, and who have bankrolled Tea Party extremism and committed $200 million to try to destroy President Obama before Election Day.

So in the hours before Romney courts two men obsessed with making Barack Obama a one-term president, let’s see how many of us can chip in $2 or more to the Two-Term Fund.

This number will update every five minutes to show how many people give in the 24 hours until Romney greets the Kochs:

Here’s what Mitt Romney told his supporters just after his victory in the Florida GOP primary:

“We must not forget what this election is really about: defeating Barack Obama.”

Pitch in $2 or more over the next 24 hours to show that, while that message may fire up two oil-industry billionaires, it’s also one that plenty of us are tired of hearing:




Jim Messina

Campaign Manager

Obama for America

This is outrageous. Not only is the Obama campaign – yes, the re-election campaign of a sitting president – attacking the Koch brothers by name, the campaign is also accusing them of responsibility for high gas prices.

That’s scandalous. The Obama campaign is going for a two-fer: misdirecting on gas prices, and using radical left-wing conspiracy theories about the Koch brothers to fundraise for the guy who is actually responsible for the rise in gas prices.

It’s actually a three-fer. Obama wants revenge…

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In the comments section of the post, Washington76 astutely reminds other readers, “…Gasoline Prices Are Not Rising, the Dollar Is Falling!” Because, evidently, the Koch brothers have been busy printing money with which to monetize our national debt

Update: Americans for Prosperity responds.

Meanwhile, Gov. Mitch Daniels: “Let’s Give the President Credit for One Domestic Policy That Worked – He Wanted Higher Gas Prices & He Got ‘Em”

Update 2:  via The Blacksphere on Facebook, 15 Times Obama and Top Dems Blame Bush For Gas Prices . Because, you know, blame is a real demonstration of maturity and leadership.

Meanwhile,  Gas When Bush Left Office, $1.78 — Gas Today, $3.64 — Highest Average Price in Calif., $4.20 from CNSNews.

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Update 3:  “Koch fighting back against Obama smears.  The demonizer in chief is at work again.”

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