Obama Creates Restful Sanctuary for Mexican Drug Smugglers

Keith Koffler
White House Dossier

It’s not easy shipping cocaine into the United States. Lots of law enforcement, seedy flats in run-down parts of town, long drives on ugly highways.

But now there’s a better way.

President Obama Wednesday declared as a “national monument” 500,000 acres of New Mexico scenery that police officials say will serve as a gorgeous new haven for dangerous Mexican criminals…

…The local congressman whose district includes the land, Republican Rep. Stevan Pearce, has written legislation that seeking a monument about a tenth the size of Obama’s. So much for what the locals the want.

But this could come back to haunt Obama. House Speaker Boehner suggested Wednesday that the move could help dash Obama’s immigration reform legislation hopes, stoking fears Obama will enforce the law only to the extent of his liking…

…Of course, the monument will help Obama continue to gobble up loads of enviro-cash from overpaid Hollywood and Silicon Valley Democrats while he waits to nix the Keystone pipeline, which he doesn’t want to do before the election because it could hurt red-state Dems…



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