Obama defies congressional leaders, OKs delivery of F-16s to Egypt


The administration of President Barack Obama has approved the delivery of advanced F-16 multi-role fighters and main battle tanks to Egypt.

Congressional sources said Obama has ordered the Defense Department to deliver advanced combat platforms to Egypt in 2013. They said the White House cited what was termed “extenuating circumstances” for the multi-billion-dollar project.

Obama’s plan to arm Egypt has dismayed House and Senate leaders. The sources said the congressional leaders relayed concern to the administration over sending major combat platforms to Egypt amid rising unrest as well as Morsi’s grab for power.

“We’re giving good money after bad,” House Foreign Affairs Committee chairwoman Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen said. “We have seen nothing but bad moves by the Egyptian authorities.”

“This is a message meant to bolster [Egyptian Presidend Mohammed] Morsi,” a congressional source said.

The sources said Congress has not been formally notified of the U.S. arms transfer to Egypt. But they said the Pentagon was preparing to deliver at least 20 F-16 Block 52+ fighters and 200 M1A1s, starting from January 2013…

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…I’ve never even heard of William Engdahl, but he certainly makes a lot of sense when analyzing Egypt and Turkey.

The whole interview is good but it’s the end where he declares that the reason the US is silent on what’s going on in Egypt is because they support the rise of an Islamic government in Egypt. In fact he says the US is covertly supporting the Muslim Brotherhood to create Islamic fascist regimes around the Middle East. Spot on.

Update: Egypt: “Tourism is an abomination, a means by which prostitution and AIDS are spread by Jewish women tourists”

So when they destroy the antiquities of Egypt, you won’t be too surprised.

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