Obama EPA Rules Leave Low-Income Americans In The Cold

Mac Zimmerman

The Obama administration is now putting the finishing touches on a raft of environmental regulations due in the coming months, including the Clean Power Plan and others that will drastically impact the affordability of energy in America.

Yet while the president and his supporters speak benevolently of protecting the health and welfare of Americans, these regulations will achieve exactly the opposite.

The obvious impact of these regulations is the higher electricity costs it will impose on all Americans. The Clean Power Plan is expected to hike electricity rates by up to 17% nationwide — and over 20% in some states.

As these costs continue rising and eating into households’ disposable income, it will threaten increasingly more families with the prospect of government-imposed energy poverty.

But that’s still not the worst news. Worse still is that the populations at the highest risk of this outcome also happen to be among the least able to combat it: Seniors living on fixed incomes — who comprise one-quarter of the nation’s households — and the poor…

…The cold, hard truth is that our most vulnerable citizens could find the costs of basic necessities out of reach…



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