Obama Holds Fundraiser in San Francisco– Massive Tea Party Breaks Out

via GateWay Pundit
October 15, 2009

Barack Obama flew into San Francisco last night for a fundraiser after spending 4 hours in New Orleans.

He didn’t expect this–

Hundreds of tea party protesters greeted the president at the St. Francis Hotel.

The City Square has a report from San Francisco with several photos [click on photos to enlarge]:


According to The City Square:

The crowd was not just Tea Partiers. There were also single-payer enthusiasts, 9-11 truthers, and US-out-of-Aghanistan’ers as well. Here is a shot of the central section which, as you can tell from the signs, was largely Tea Partiers…


The City Square has great photos from yesterday’s San Francisco protest. Please make the time to go to their site to read the report, view the photos, and feel hopeful about our fellow citizens on the West Coast!

UPDATE: And more here from ABC’s affiliate station in San Francisco.

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