Obama: In over his head? Or tone-deaf?

Maobama: ‘He is in over his head, and he knows it’


If he doesn’t realize he’s in over his head he just doesn’t care. I mean who would be so callous and tone-deaf as to actually go golfing and hold a private dinner with slobbering media lackeys the day after the Japan devastation, as one of your main allies lies in ruins?

First I did a double take. He said what? I read it again and the shock waves followed.

A beleaguered President Obama has told aides it would be so much easier to be the president of China, The New York Times reports.

There are two ways to read the remark, which is attributed to anonymous aides. One is that Obama resents the burden of global leadership that comes with the American presidency. The other is that he longs for an authoritarian system, where he need tolerate no dissent.

Under either or both interpretations, his confession carries a dose of self-pity that means Obama has hit a wall.

He is in over his head, and he knows it…

…my suspicion is that it’s not the problems per se that have Obama envying a lower rung on the global ladder. It’s that he regards them as endless distractions that keep getting in the way of his transformative agenda.

He is a man of the faculty lounge who wants a blank slate so he can remake the nation into a more perfect place, as he sees it. Remember, he greeted his election with the messiah-like claim that future generations would say, “This was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal.”…

…He wants America to be less exceptional and more like every other nation. He’s uncomfortable with our status as the No. 1 superpower, as he made clear with his apology tours and by submitting to the lowest common denominator in the United Nations…

…As The Wall Street Journal wrote, the rising slaughter [in Libya] reveals “what the world without US leadership looks like.”

Sadly, we’re probably stuck with this brand of non-leadership for six more years. Do you really think his media lackeys who have private dinners with him are going to be tough on him come 2012?…

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Update: Good news! Obama got in a round of golf today!, Patterico’s Pontifications

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