Obama Is About to Commit an Act of Constitutional Infamy

Peter Wehner
Commentary Magazine

The president will present his case on behalf of his forthcoming executive order on amnesty tomorrow at 8 p.m. I certainly hope President Obama addresses the arguments against his action that were repeatedly and passionately made by … President Obama. Our friends at National Review have put together a nice video here; I’d urge you to watch it. Mr. Obama is now acting like, in his words, an “emperor.” His hypocrisy is, even by his standards, staggering.

But hypocrisy is not unusual in politicians and presidents; firing a missile aimed at our constitutional form of government is. And that is what Mr. Obama is about to do…



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Related:   WH: Obama Being Called Emperor Is ‘Criticism the President Wears with a Badge of Honor’  (video)

…“We heard rhetoric for some time. Their most recent statement referred to ‘Emperor Obama,’” Earnest said. “The fact is the president is somebody who is willing to examine the law, review the law and use every element of that law to make progress for the American people and that’s a criticism the president wears with badge of honor.”

Obama is set to announce his plans for an immigration overhaul on Thursday before traveling to Las Vegas on Friday to build support for his executive amnesty plan…


Caught on Camera: Obama Called Exec Immigration Action Illegal… 25 Times! (video)

…“Today we know he’s about to do the very thing he said would flout the law, the very thing he said would be ‘very difficult to defend legally.’ And his defenders say, ‘Well he misunderstood the law.’ For six years?” Megyn Kelly questioned…


Union chief: Obama to shield 250K farm workers from deportation

…“We were pleased to learn from the President today that at least 250,000 farm workers (and at least 125,000 California farm workers) will be eligible for deportation relief under his executive action,” said Arturo Rodriguez, the president of United Farm Workers (UFW), in a statement Wednesday…


Cruz: ‘Presidential Temper Tantrum Is Not a Rational Response’

…Cruz said that if Obama defies the American people with this action, it’s incumbent on Republicans to use every constitutional tool so that Obama doesn’t become “an unaccountable monarch.”…


Ted Cruz On Executive Amnesty: ‘Despotic’ Obama Admin Acting In ‘Unprecedented Way’ (video)

…“The founding of our country, the framers…were familiar of a despotic king,” said Cruz. “If you read the Federalist Papers they talk about the dangers of a despotic executive that rules by fiat,” adding that America went against a monarchy for a reason…


IMMIGRATION SHOWDOWN: Protesters To Meet Obama In Las Vegas

Statewide tea party protests are being planned in Nevada to greet President Barack Obama’s announcement of executive action on amnesty.

The president will announce his executive amnesty plan Thursday night at 8 p.m. in a primetime address to the nation. Obama will then speak at Del Sol High School in Las Vegas Friday with Senate Minority Leader-elect Harry Reid…


AFL-CIO forwards e-mail about Obama immigration plans to reporters by mistake

…AFL-CIO spokesman Jeff Hauser inadvertently forwarded an e-mail intended for immigration activists to a long list of national reporters, including several at The Washington Post


“History Will Treat Obama Unkindly if He Thinks He Can Become King” (video)

…Paul urged the House to pass a resolution saying that what Obama is doing is contrary to the will of the House.

“History will treat him unkindly on this if he thinks he can become king,” he said of Obama…


Update: Illegal Aliens and Activists on White House Facebook Page: ‘F*** All You White People,’ We Win

…Remember that this is the official White House’s page, right under Obama’s announcement of the order, expected Thursday. And the White House is allowing clearly racist comments like the ones below…



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