Obama Lashes Out at Nuke Critics

Admits deal won’t moderate Iran

Adam Kredo
The Washington Free Beacon

President Barack Obama lashed out at critics, including Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who argue that a recently inked nuclear agreement with Iran does little to rein in the rogue regime’s ability to construct a bomb, during a press conference Wednesday.

Asked to respond to those who have criticized the deal as dangerous for America, including members of Congress and other world leaders, Obama defended the agreement and urged those fighting against him to present a better alternative…

…Obama issued a “challenge” to his critics to “read the agreement” and “explain specifically where they believe this agreement does not prevent Iran from getting a nuclear weapons.”

Asked whether the administration could have been tougher with Iran at the negotiating table, Obama demurred.

“There is nobody who thinks Iran would or could ever accept” a full dismantling of its nuclear infrastructure. “And the international community does not take the view that Iran cannot have a peaceful nuke program.”

“So we don’t have diplomatic leverage to eliminate every vestige of a peaceful nuclear program in Iran,” Obama said. “But we do have the leverage to ensure they don’t have a weapon. That’s what we’ve done.”…



The complete article, with video, is at The Washington Free Beacon.



Related:  Susan Rice: We ‘Expect’ Iran Will Spend Some Of New Money on Military, Maybe on Terror (video)

…“They’re sending money [to Syria and Yemen] now, while they’re under sanctions. There is nothing currently that is preventing them from sending money.” Although she conceded, “They will have more money, once they have verifiably given up their nuclear weapons capacity and any ability to reconstitute it.”…



Netanyahu Breaks Down Exactly What He Told Obama Over the Phone Following Iran Deal: ‘I Said…’ (video)

…“You let the number one terrorist regime in the world have a short path to the bomb and hundreds of billions of dollars to finance its terrorism around the world — that’s not good for any of us,” the Israeli prime minister added…



AIPAC Vows to Fight Iran Deal ‘With the Entirety of Our Institutional Resources’


Meanwhile, Comrade Hissy Fit Stompy Feet objected to a reporter trying to do his job. Obama Scolds CBS’s Major Garrett for Question About U.S. Hostages in Iran (video)

During a Wednesday press conference to promote the Iranian nuclear deal he had announced a day earlier, President Barack Obama fielded a question from CBS White House correspondent Major Garrett regarding the four Americans held captive in Iran and why he didn’t seek their release during these negotiations…

Because #HostagesLivesMatter


Update: From the Military Times: Iran linked to deaths of 500 U.S. troops in Iraq, Afghanistan

At least 500 U.S. military deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan were directly linked to Iran and its support for anti-American militants — a newly disclosed statistic that offers grim context for the Obama administration’s diplomatic deal with the Iranian regime aimed at curtailing the rogue nation’s nuclear ambitions.

That figure underscores the controversy surrounding Washington’s deal with Tehran, a long-sought goal for the president — but one that is fiercely opposed by many Republicans in Congress and other critics…



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