Obama May Impose Cap and Trade Regardless of Senate Vote

By American Solutions

President Obama’s energy “czar” Carol Browner hinted today that the EPA might implement a cap and trade plan for carbon dioxide emissions even if that type of plan fails in the Senate. In other words, if our elected leaders recognize that enough Americans oppose a cap and trade system and the energy tax is defeated, the government is preparing to impose it on us anyway.

Browner said in an interview today, “We also have the reality of EPA, under current law, moving forward…to start the traditional regulatory clock,” another less-than-disguised attempt to threaten Congress into passing some form of carbon criminalization bill such as the Waxman-Markey bill or the Senate version of the energy tax. This also comes in the wake of EPA’s decision to forego what it knows is best (legislation) by issuing rules for regulating carbon dioxide.

Even more interesting is that the energy czar is actually encouraging well-connected groups and businesses to engage in lobbying. Browner said the credible threat of EPA regulating carbon would “obviously encourage the business community to raise their voices in Congress” in support of the energy tax.

In other words, the government is moving full speed ahead with a plan, regardless of whether our own elected leaders support it. And in the process, they’re hoping that businesses will spend millions of dollars in lobbying to support a devastating measure like the Boxer-Kerry energy tax.

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