Obama names anti-gun extremist as next BATFE head

Kurt Hofmann
St. Louis Gun Rights Examiner

Well, it’s official (if misspelled, in the New York Times)–Andrew Traver is President Obama’s choice to be the BATFE’s next Supreme Leader:

Nearly two years into his term, President Obama on Monday finally chose a director for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. Mr. Obama will submit the name of Andrew Taver [sic], the special agent in charge of the bureau’s Chicago field division, to the Senate for consideration, the White House said.

This, no doubt, will immensely please the Brady Campaign, who will probably try to imply that it was their complaining–and complaining (pdf file)–that inspired this action.

That Traver’s would be the name eventually submitted has been suspected for months, with the first (to my knowledge) to bring up the possibility being Mike Vanderboegh, back in early July.  In that post, Mr. Vanderboegh documented some of Traver’s hostility to the right to keep and bear arms…

…The question now is whether or not the Senate will confirm him.  The New York Times article says “he may face a confirmation fight” (and David Codrea points out that there had better be one).  The recent Washington Post anti-gun series (discussed here) seems to imply that such a fight is inevitable

…David Codrea also has much more:Obama could appoint Traver to head ATF without Senate approval

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