Obama Praises His Response To Hurricane Sandy

“It’s Been Aggressive, Strong, Fast And Robust”…

Weasel Zippers

Tell that to the millions still without power in NY and NJ.


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Racist Media: Ignoring The Devastation On Cracker Island

Two weeks into the aftermath of Sandy … the North East’s Katrina, and many here in the NY area are wondering: Where’s the media coverage of the devastation?

Here’s the answer: We are all just TOO white to be important in this country anymore…

Hurricane Sandy Victims to Obama: “We Are Living Like Animals.”

…Electric utilities have taken heat for being slow to restore power throughout the region. For a large number of those without power, no electricity means no heat, hot water or hot meals.

New Yorkers also faced their second day of gasoline rationing under a system introduced in New Jersey last week, in which cars with odd- and even-numbered license plates can fill up only on alternate days…

From our post yesterday:

The Forgotten Borough

“This is all Staten Island is to them – a starting line and a dump,” Chris Rich, a Staten Island firefighter tells us as he cleans up debris and mud from his gutted house. Throughout his neighborhood today, New York City marathon runners prance through decimated streets, leaping over piles of donations yet to be distributed, bringing severe congestion to a community just beginning to regain its senses after the catastrophe. To place it in even sharper relief, according to Rich, it was only that very morning that authorities had gotten around to removing three bodies floating in Bay Street Marina. One was tied to a pier to avoid it washing down shore. The person who reported the bodies was told that they would be left for the time being as efforts were to be exclusively “rescue” oriented, eschewing “recovery.” While the Staten Islanders were, and are, still counting their dead, they felt as if they were expected to indulge catastrophe tourism.

A story brought to you by citizen journalists.

Also, Government-owned Utility Fails on Long Island

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, once considered a rising star Democrat, is facing a storm of criticism over the dismal performance of the state-owned electrical utility, Long Island Power Authority


Unrelated, but guaranteed to make you pray for a power failure at times like this:

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