Obama pushes Senate to pass Cap-and-Trade this summer

You’ve Got to Be Kidding, Mr. President
Dan Benishek
Red State

I am addressing this post to my fellow citizens of MI-01, fellow activists across the country, and especially to Congressional Democrats and candidates currently serving in Congress.

The word is out; Mike Allen at Politico.com had the story yesterday. This administration is going to push the Senate to pass a cap-and-trade bill this summer. Then, with the same arrogance we have seen before from this administration, they are planning on passing a final bill during the lame-duck session of Congress that follows November’s elections—elections where the people will have spoken and expressed their will regarding the type of government they want, elections that will show incumbents that the people will no longer accept irresponsible government. The writing is on the wall for incumbents from both parties: either listen to the people and only pass legislation with their consent, or suffer the consequences in November.

This president is going to try to use the lame-duck session to achieve his agenda–transformation of America into a big government juggernaut, in charge of every aspect of our lives. Passage of the cap-and-trade bill will be a blight and burden on this country. Instead of seeing economic recovery, we will sink into the morass that is Europe.

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The author of this column is a surgeon in Michigan and is running for retiring Congressman Bart Stupak’s seat this year. Dr. Benishek’s bio can be read at RedState.com.

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