Obama signs legislation to make supplements and alternative health remedies illegal

…I am saddened to say that on June 10th, 2010, Obama signed Executive Order #13544 which mandates that the US is adopting Codex Alimentarius. This legislation, *originating from the United Nations*, in effect, begins a worldwide campaign for massive hunger and starvation. We fought them for 5 years and defeated them in Congress each year. We also assisted Canada over those years and were successful in defeating C.A. in Canada too. As of today, I do not know what has happened in Canada regarding this dire situation…

Patrick Jordan

Obama signs legislation to make supplements and alternative health remedies illegal

James Williams

Atlanta Wellness Examiner


It's not health Obama is promoting, it's profit - he is negating his pre-election promises. Photo: media.photobucket.com/

Right through the back door, while everyone was focused on the gulf oil spill, Barack Obama gave his signature to legislation permitting the U.S. Government to outlaw supplements and alternative health treatments.

That means that the supplements you take and therapies you use to keep your body healthy, can now be made illegal by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

Obama quietly gave permission for Codex Alimentarius – the United Nation’s worldwide plan for food standards – to take effect in the U.S. via Executive Order 13544 of June 10, 2010. The President’s decision creates the National Prevention, Health Promotion, and Public Health Council, a group of ‘experts’ that carry out whatever activities Obama deems appropriate.

According to an article at Rense.com, after five years of fighting this bill in Congress and the House, Obama has decided to try to kill the supplement and alternative health industry; all alternative health remedies can be deemed “unscientific” and not provable by the FDA, which can lead to them being banned.

It means that supplements may have to be removed from sale permanently, or have their potency capped at ultra low levels, making them almost worthless. The very same thing happened in Europe just a few years ago…

The article continues at the Examiner.

Update: Dan Riehl [Riehl World View] tweeted this evening:  “While the Exec Order is real, its not imposing Codex rules on the US.” Thanks, Dan!

Still, our question is why is this Executive Order necessary at all? The FDA is already more than adequately equipped to create problems for the alternative therapy industry and its customers. Why get DHH and Sebelius involved? The Secretary has too much power now, in our opinion, thanks to ObamaCare legislation.

Update 2: This topic was posted on Free Republic which has since pulled the thread:

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OK. No Rense.com for Free Republic. And we can understand that if, as suggested by Dan Riehl, Rense.com’s information is unreliable or inaccurate. If that is the case, we offer our apologies to CAJ readers. But this Examiner article is entirely accurate, and we stand by that portion of this post.

Update 3: Help end criminalization of vitamin, supplement makers in America, posted on 9/24 by Mike Adams, editor of  NaturalNews.com

Update 4: From a 2009 article, Supplements industry worth $61 billion to U.S. economy

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