Obama to Israel: ‘Drop Dead’

Richard Baehr
The American Thinker

It took a while — fourteen months, to be exact — but both the ADL and AIPAC have issued very solid statements condemning the president’s new verbal war on Israel. The organizations are further asking for the administration to curtail the public berating of its supposed ally and work with Israel in a more diplomatic fashion on both the peace process and Iran.

What is disgraceful is that so far, exactly one elected Democrat in Congress has done the same: Congresswoman Shelley Berkley of Nevada. Sadly, Democrats seem to care far more about passing health care legislation this week than protecting the U.S.-Israel relationship from Obama’s assault. It’s apparent that indifference of (if not hostility to) Israel’s survival is at work. The infamous New York Daily News headline about Gerald Ford’s response to New York’s fiscal crisis was less fair to him (he never said these words) than the title of this article is to President Obama.

It is interesting that David Axelrod, who blasted Israel on network news programs on Sunday and is a proud standard-bearer of the Millard Fillmore label when it comes to the history and politics of the Middle East conflict (for the record, Fillmore headed the Know Nothing Party back in the 1850s), will be honored by the NJDC (National Jewish Democratic Council) at a coming event. Axelrod has pretty much a perfect record of having avoided any connection with any pro-Israel or Jewish communal activity in his long political career, with the notable exception of raising money from Jews for Democratic candidates.

This Obama does well, too. In Obama’s case, the handwriting as to his sympathies in the Middle East conflict (not to be confused with his lies delivered to AIPAC conferences) was pretty well-documented well before he was elected — the twenty years he listened in rapture to the sermons of Reverend Wright; all those dinners and babysitting and chit-chat with Rashid Khalidi and Ali Abunimah; the close friendship with Samantha Power (who sought an international force to invade the West Bank and liberate it from Israel); and the years spent in the most anti-Israel hothouses in America — the neighborhoods where elite colleges are located.

Martin Peretz has it right that America elected its first third-world president, and Obama is behaving accordingly. His sympathies lie with the Palestinians. He is, after all, a redistributionist on all issues, and he will always favor the group or state he perceives as weaker….

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