Obama: ‘We’re Not Repealing Obamacare as Long as I’m President’

Andrew Johnson
National Review Online

In his first remarks since the White House’s deadline for the improved HealthCare.gov, President Obama renewed his commitment to the law amid criticism for its initial launch. “My main message today is we’re not going back,” he said on Tuesday.

Citing a handful of anecdotal examples, the president highlighted some of the law’s positive effects by reading letters from beneficiaries and called on supporters to spread the word to family and friends of its benefits.

The president said that, having no alternative to health-care reform, Republicans should abandon efforts to scrap the law while he’s in office, although he would be willing to look at potential fixes to Obamacare. “If you’ve got good ideas, bring them to me — let’s go — but we’re not repealing it as long as I’m president,” he said.



H/T The Right Scoop, Obama: No way I’m repealing Obamacare…because Julia really needs it

Interestingly enough I think this clip could help Republicans in 2014 because Obama’s basically telling Americans that no matter how much they hate Obamacare and want to repeal it, he’s not budging…



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A combination of IRS rules and Obamacare mandates could result in the elimination of volunteer fire departments across the country, according to Rep. Lou Barletta, R-Pa…



War on Women, Deluxe Edition, by Mark Steyn



UpdateObamaCare faces another challenge in federal court

The Affordable Care Act faced another legal challenge Tuesday in federal court, as a group of business owners and individuals pushed back against an IRS regulation they say is both unlawful and potentially crippling.

The regulation, which stems from the ACA, defines which applicants are eligible for subsidies in connection with obtaining health care coverage. It’s a significant distinction, because those subsidies trigger massive employer and individual obligations in the states where they are awarded.

The plaintiffs in Halbig v. Sebelius say the plain text of the ACA, also known as ObamaCare, limits subsidies to applicants in states that have set up their own exchanges….




Update 2: From slowing the rise of the oceans to just treading water until after November 2014:  Obama: Hey America, Suck My Dick

…A Megan McArdle column argues that Obama has given up on trying to make Obamacare work, per se; he’s only attempting to keep it alive through the 2015 midterms….

At Weasel Zippers:

NY Times begins beating the drum for Death Panels

I wonder if you’re still alive at 80 how they’ll kill you. Gas? An overdoes of something?What is the social benefit of these old people?It used to be considered immoral to ask that question. But here’s a question: should we liquidate all those who have no social utility?Remember how Sarah Palin was ridiculed…


Update 3:  H/T Fox News:

Make it so, Barack Obama: “The bottom line is this is working and will work into the future.”

Senator John Barrasso, MD, responded: “[Americans] don’t need another press conference–they need to be able to see their doctor and get affordable care.”



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