Obama Will Bypass Congress to Sign Executive Order To Close Gender Wage Gap

Austin Petersen
The Libertarian Republic
07 Apr 2014

President Barack Obama declared that on Tuesday he will sign an executive order aimed at equalizing wages between genders for federal contractors. A second order will create transparency by forcing contractors to disclose to the Secretary of Labor the gender of employees, and reveal their relative compensation…



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On Tuesday, President Obama is set to bypass Congress yet again with two executive orders addressing equal payBreitbart.com said Sunday. But even as the administration pushes the “war on women” meme, the Daily Caller reported Sunday the White House pays its female staffers less than men, and has done so for years…


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Update:  “Only 38.6% of Jobs Added Under Obama Have Gone to Women”

What in the name of Amanda Marcotte’s rancid, well-worn pooter is going on here?   Some sort of War on Women? I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m OUTRAGED…



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