'Obamacare implementation craters under state objections'

Jeff G.
Protein Wisdom

Silver linings?  Sure, for now. But that just means the left will have to delegitimize federalism entirely.

Over the past week, the list of states not participating in the system has grown to nineteen as the states of Wisconsin, Ohio and Nebraska chose to join sixteen others in rejecting the state health insurance exchange that is called for under the Obamacare law.

[…]The state health care exchanges are a creation of the Obamacare law where the state would create a massive database of health insurance options that those without insurance could access.  The state is given the option under the law to either create the exchange or to leave it up to the federal government to provide it.

Another under-reported aspect of the law is that the statute itself only allows the state exchange to levy penalties against employers who are accused of not following the requirements of the law.  After the law passed it was discovered that federal exchanges do not have the authority to impose penalties. Upon this discovery, the IRS hurriedly wrote regulations claiming that power contrary to what the law allows.

Employers in states without a state exchange will have the option of contesting any penalties in court with a reasonable likelihood of success due to the IRS’ extra-legal regulations….

…why, with 30 states controlled by GOP governors, are only 19 states so far rejecting these exchanges — and why isn’t the GOP leadership in the House signaling support for a rejection posture rather than acceding, as John Boehner has, that “ObamaCare is the law of the land,” as if the election results, which in addition to re-electing Obama (with 9 million fewer votes)  kept them in the control of the House, was somehow an indication that Americans who don’t want ObamaCare and never have are suddenly eager to embrace it without further fight?…

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