ObamaCare Supporters Have Been Wrong About Everything

Posted by Dan Perrin
Monday, December 14th 2009

To the Democrats, the ends justify the means to pass health care. Speaker Pelosi is widely rumored to have told an assembled K Street cognoscenti that she would sacrifice 30 Democratic House seats to get health care reform passed — and, of course, she said “We would do almost anything to pass a healthcare bill.”

The White House has convinced itself that it in the interest of all Democratic Members of Congress for ObamaCare to pass.

But the reality is that ObamaCare is a political failure, and therefore it is not in the political interest of Members of Congress to pass ObamaCare.

But the entire MSM, the White House, the House and Senate Dem Leadership, the majority of the Democratic Coalition and most of the outside factions of the Democratic Party’s coalition is pumping the airwaves and blogosphere full of their latest pack of lies and disinformation…

The rest is at RedState.com

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