ObamaCare’s Victims: Physician-Owned Specialty Hospitals — And You

David Hogbert
Investors Business Daily

Among ObamaCare’s very early casualties were physician-owned specialty hospitals. These had long been targeted for extinction by the Big Hospital Lobby — i.e., the American Hospital Association and the Federation of American Hospitals. With the sweeping health law, they finally succeeded in stopping any new ones from being built after 2010. Here’s an IBD article about the issue back in March, 2010.

In short, the Big Hospital Lobby tried for years to get politicians to deny physician-owned specialty centers access to Medicare, a major source of revenue. How that happened is the subject of an in-depth article I’ve written that has now been published by The New Individualist.

The struggle between The Big Hospital Lobby and physician-owned specialty hospitals is a classic case of big, politically connected businesses using government to squash the smaller competition. Expect to see more of that now that ObamaCare has put even more of our health care resources under government control. One effect is that you will see less innovation in health care as smaller, more-nimble competitors often come up with new and better treatments and care.

Patients will suffer from a lack of choice…

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UpdateWalter Dellinger — listing 5 Obamacare “myths” — begins with “The ‘individual mandate’ forces everyone to buy health insurance.” and Ann Althouse deconstructs his position.

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Update 2 Classy: Obama pimps ‘BFD’ t-shirt on Twitter [with video]

Read it and weep for your former country.

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