Obama’s Bush Obsession: Et tu, Associated Press?

Roger L. Simon
Pajamas Media

What’s interesting about the column linked on Drudge this morning about Obama’s umpteenth gazillionth blaming of Bush is that it is in the Associated Press, the very beating heart of the mainstream media.

He says “the buck stops with me,” but nearly a year into office, President Barack Obama is still blaming a lot of the nation’s troubles — the economy, terrorism, health care — on George W. Bush.

Talk about rats and a sinking ship, slight though it may seem, this is in many ways the biggest sign we have seen yet of what significant trouble Obama is in. The AP is usually the president’s last line of defense, except perhaps for Olbermann and Matthews. But their White House correspondent Ben Feller doesn’t even rescue Obama, as is traditionally done, in the last graph. Instead he closes:

“The president himself, not surprisingly, may feel quite satisfied with accomplishments in his first year,” said Frank Newport, editor in chief of the Gallup Poll. “But we don’t see signs that the American public is positive.”

Whoa. Hold onto your seats. It’s only the beginning of January. Obama is in trouble in many directions – the economy, healthcare, national defense – forget cap and trade (that’s hopeless). And that he was such a public liar (as opposed to the normal political variety) hasn’t helped. The repeated airings of his tedious BS about putting the healthcare debate on CSPAN make him look like a monumental creep. My question is: why did they swallow the same thing when he lied so baldly about Reverend Wright? Well, that was another era.

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