Obama’s Chickens are Coming Home to Roost

Keith Koffler
White House Dossier

…If this were Bill Clinton or George W. Bush, I’d think yeah, it will pass in the end. But not this guy. I can’t say that Obama’s motion to attack Syria will fail, but I can’t say it will pass either. Because Obama has acted very unpresidential for the past four and a half years.

Usually that would mean “undignified.” But in this case I mean that he has failed the basic test of the politician that a president must be – schmoozing members of Congress while staying in touch with the public on important issues.

You really get the feeling with this president that he’d rather be left alone in the Oval Office or on the golf course with his little friends than hang out with the riffraff from Capitol Hill. Obama lacks strong relationships there, even with his allies.

I covered both Bush and Clinton, and I’d constantly see a line of lawmakers’ cars parked on the West Wing driveway while their owners hashed something out with the president in the Oval Office. With Obama, the driveway is always nice, tidy and empty.

Obama has ignored his homework. He failed to sow the seeds of trust and friendship. And now, suddenly, he wants something. “The president is on line one,” congressional aides around Capitol Hill will be saying over the next week to their bosses. For many members, it will be their first serious chat with him. And, they’ll figure, probably their last…

…We used to require a couple of years of experience of presidential candidates before we leased them the White House. Obama was elected having proven nothing about himself to the public other than an ability to get elected and write autobiographies. And now we see he is entirely bereft of the skills needed to function effectively as president…


The entire article, with video, is at the White House Dossier.


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I just got the list of Republican senators who had dinner with Obama & Biden tonight:

Graham (SC), Collins (ME), Chambliss (GA), Corker (TN), Ayotte (NH) and Fischer (NE).

They ate Italian food served family style. Pass the meatballs, Mr. President.


Why The Outrage Over Sen. Cruz’s “Al Qaeda Air Force” Comment?

…I happen to support the US bombing Syria, but I’m honest enough to admit that bad news for Assad = good news for rebels, and a significant percentage of those rebels are Al Qaeda/militant Islamists/Iranian fighters/Hezbollah/other whackjob Muslim killers…

…So ACCORDING TO THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION, 25 percent of people who want Assad gone are Al Qaeda, and we’re going to bomb Assad, and people are noticing that our military will be aiding the cause of Al Qaeda.

So the White House is “outraged”….why?

Rebels ‘too disorganised’ to take over after attack on Syria, report warns

American air strikes against the Syrian government would not allow rebels to topple Bashar al-Assad because opposition fighters are too fragmented and disorganised, an intelligence analysis warns.



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