Obama’s EPA Nominee Vowed Not ‘To Sit Around and Wait for Congressional Action’

Joe Schoffstall
CNS News

President Barack Obama today nominated Gina McCarthy, who has vowed “not to sit around and wait for congressional action” when issuing environmental regulations, to replace Lisa Jackson as Environmental Protection Agency administrator.

McCarthy currently heads the Environmental Protection Agency’s air and radiation office.

On May 1, 2010, in the keynote address for the Green Education Celebration at University of Massachusetts Boston, McCarthy said she did not go to Washington to wait for congressional action while working at the EPA and that she did not intend to do so in the future.

“I love listening to Sen. Kerry. I love listening to Congressman Markey, because they talk funny and they talk real,” said McCarthy. “They tell it like it is and they make things happen. I am so proud that we have them in office so they can push us to face reality that one needs to face and to move forward with legislation that is absolutely essential.

“But I will tell you that I didn’t go to Washington to sit around and wait for Congressional action. Never done that before, and don’t plan to in the future,” said McCarthy…

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Update: via Dan Riehl, Obama nominees: Gina McCarthy to EPA, Ernest Moniz to Energy

Update 2: Obama nominates budget director for some reason

…President Barack Obama on Monday announced he is nominating Clinton administration veteran Sylvia Mathews Burwell to be his budget chief…


Should be a pretty easy job, right? After all, we haven’t had a budget in over 1,400 days…since before Steve Jobs revealed the first iPad.

Update 3: Republicans press Obama EPA nominee on transparency issues

Congressmen: ‘EPA needs to release the secret data they use in formulating new rules’

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